Unconference Presentations

Some Unconference Videos

Introduction And Opening – https://youtu.be/zbYc3hdJHhs
Alison Bird from BrisLETS – https://youtu.be/VfsNKTh3jHI
Annette Loudon – https://youtu.be/s1fpuuZzVLI
Kylie Willison, Getting The Most Out Of The LETS System – https://youtu.be/oYum3obauUc


Presentation Ideas

You can prepare more than one presentation however if we have time restraints you may not get to present all items prepared.  Presentations can be made in pairs or individually, they can be 20 to 30 mins or 5 or 10 minutes.  We aren’t looking for slick, professional presentations, this is a fun, community minded day for sharing.

How Does LETS Help You Live Sustainably – a poster, talk, photos
Group Discussion – Is LETS sustainable into the future?
New Member Questions as a poem
Read your poem/short story on LETS
International Women’s Day – Women in LETS
History of LETS
Your Vision For Future LETS
Workshop – how to make miracle spray (just an example)
LETS and Bitcoin
LETS In The Non Profit Sector
Community Group LETS Membership
LETS Businesses
Taxation/Centrelink Issues
Discussion – My favourite thing about LETS is……………..
Community Building Ideas
LETS Alternative Currency or Complimentary Currency?
How Has LETS Improved Your Life?
Sustainable Gardening
Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Here are some presentations from the National LETS Conference in 2015.